The Shiretoko peninsula is one of the world's highest density regions for brown bear
.Since they can make use the bounty of the forests and the sea,,,including herbaceous plants from the coasts and high mountains,fruit and nuts from forests,and the salmons that swim up stream,,,they have more than 90 varietis
of food resources at their disposal.

A brown bear is the biggest terrestrial animal in Japan . It classified as omnivorous .They usually eats plants ,nuts, mushrooms,and also some kind of salmon which swimback up to the rivers in autumn privent for chilly,long and hard hibernation. Also the brown bear wake up from hibernation in early spring ,they sometime attacks shika deers to survive and to leave the offspring.. It seems cruel killing shika deers but kind of this activity in SHIRETOKO is natur of law.

A famiry of brown bear is walking under the spring mild sun right

A bear family is praying
the shika deer

A cub bear rasees by mother so
carefully and safely.


Early spring, ,brown bear sometime attacks shika deer to survive themselves.. Not to mention the conection of life is very inportant activitys in natural world.

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